Friday, February 15, 2008

Libraries Alliance

As I browse the Internet for some digital libraries resources I found D-Lib Magazine. When I evaluate the authority I found that this D-lib magazine is a product of an alliance of libraries. They work together to make this magazine happen where they can share anything about digital libraries projects. They offers free resources from qualified sources. They are well known universities which donates and share their knowledge to this world of libraries.
I believe that we don't have to be well known first to do something good for others. We are still able to share knowledge whether we are rich or not rich.

I know some librarians who are the directors of the library resist from working together to share resources. Their mindset are focused on what the benefit they will get, especially in money, from sharing resources. Some others are busy planning big seminars on high tech for libraries to show off instead to empower other small libraries. This is very sad.

As people cannot live alone in this world, so does library which is run by people. If we want to be known well, we need to work together and share resources that will empower us, and then others.
The alliance of the D-lib magazine is one of many examples. This model should set a new spirit of work together here in Indonesian libraries world.

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