Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine!!!!

On the valentine day this year, we set a jar of chocolate for the users who check-in books without penalty. It is a small treat on valentine day. But surprisingly, we are the one who gets a box of cake from a student with gratitude for the smiles and services we offer in daily basis. This is a really touching one. I put the note on the cakes. The note says:
Thank you for the smiles and encouraging words. Thank you for the best services we got.

Terima kasih untuk senyum dan kata-kata yang memberikan kami semangat. Untuk pelayanan yang bertbaik yang telah kami terima]. This cake was token of what the library has done. It is a big appreciation. It shows us that the services we offer in the library are matter. Therefore, let us enhance our knowledge so that we know more what we can do in the library, and what services should be offered in the library.

Happy Valentine, Libraries...

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