Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Again, Information Literacy

I just presented my paper on Internet: the Information Literacy Support in The Librarians' Roles in Applying Information Literacy. I know that there should be no questions about the librarians' roles in information literacy, but the problem is we live in Indonesia, where IL (Information Literacy) is not popular enough. That's why, maybe, we are stuck as a developing country. We are not information literate people.

Anyway, IL is a newbie in Indonesia. Not many libraries, in any types, apply IL. Most of the libraries are busy with IT and how to make IT penetrates more and more in the library. Librarians rush to provide computers, and Internet connection in their libraries. It proves that the library is a modern one. There is Internet access in the library, then SO WHAT?
1. how well the librarians use the Internet to search and find good quality of resources?
2. what the goodness comes from librarians' Internet access for their users?
3. what the impact to the librarians performance after Internet exists?
4. another big question is do librarians know how to use the Internet and get the benefit from it not only for themselves but also for others who are in their responsibility? If don't then we need to talk about another thing: DIGITAL DIVIDE.

So here's the deal.
The Internet is a great medium for many things: learning, sharing, publish information, teaching and networking. It will bring many goodness to everybody when we know how to use it and take benefit from it. Many skills need to complete us in taking benefit of the Internet:
1. computer literacy
2. Internet literacy
3. network literacy
but the big deal of the skill is information literacy. What we have in this are those cyclic steps like the one I found in Reflect-Learn-Connect from The Library Seattle Central Community College:

Even though we search information for any reasons before, we might not apply the steps above to gain a qualified information and to present a new information as a product in a right way for the right reason. Now, we have the Internet which is a medium for information resources for whatever resources in good or bad quality, is a tool for us to learn how to find information, and is a tool to find the qualified information.

I find it is comforting to learn from the Internet when we know what information reliable to get. Once we try and feel the benefit, we will try again until it becomes a habit for us. It will be nicer if we find friends in learning process because brainstorming and exchanging ideas will complete us. The way they learn will effect our ways.

I think I should stop writing here, and then write about IL in Indonesian language.

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