Thursday, January 31, 2008

INCU-VL Sharing

I attended and joined for the first time in INCU-VL( Indonesian Christian Univeristy- Virtual Library) gathering initiated by Petra Christian University Library. The main reason for this gathering was to share about any progress in each library representatives in INCU-VL. Last year they talked about Six-Sigma, a model to identify problems and how to resolve them.
The participants presented their implementation of six-sigma and any progress they achieved in their library. Some progress are budget based, but the interesting progresses are non-budgeted ones. I 'm especially interested in how the members openly share their progress in management, policy, resolving library service problems, and meeting the users' need within their limitations.

Some interesting discussion are :
1. involving students for part time jobs in the library. They may be placed in different positions beside shelving the stacks. They can help in circulation desk, collecting data survey, data entry and simple administration tasks.
2. the usage of repository data to figure the library's performance out.
3. spreading questionnaire to gain users need in the library. They can be replace by having the par timers asked the users directly for any feedback for the library
4. knowing what is the strong point in one's library due to the collection or to the facilities or to the people in the library.
5. how to empower each other through this forum by proposing a new empowering projects like information literacy, by enhancing the existing project, and by visiting each other or holding a training together.

The discussions might not produce any clear steps the next forum meeting, but the openness was a big step to empower others and self. Sharing may be done through a mailing list or a blog report so that every member can keep updated about others progress.

The key point of this forum is the openness about their library condition and progress: the willingnes to share experience with and to care about others.

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