Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ELCA Grantees

I believe where we are now, not merely because what we have done to reach it. There are others who took roles and parts of our journey to our position now. Here we are three women, grantees of ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) scholarship in GSLIS Dominican University. We were supported in our own term. Elizabeth[right] was the first of us, and then Jean had the second term followed by me in the third.
We now are library directors in our institution: Elizabeth is in Satya Wacana Christian University, Jean
is in Artha Wacana Christian University and I am in Duta Wacana Christian University. We had a great opportunity to take this picture together after joining a long meeting to initiate an Indonesian higher education digital library. The meeting took place in Garuda Hotel, Yogyakarta, last November 2007.
In a short moment of reunion, we recall a dear friend in ELCA who were willingly to be our mother, taking care of us during our tough time in overseas: Sue Laeder. I personally had such a tough time in US specially because of the 911 tragedy and my dad passed away before I finished my study there. I believe Elizabeth and Jean had their own story of their tough time. It would be difficult for me if Sue were no such a caring person who:
-- took me for meal in my mourning day,
-- took me to the tallest Christmas tree down town,
-- checked on me to make sure I was good in school,
-- encouraged me when I was feeling very stupid about my study,
-- invited me to a friend party to cheer me up, and
-- took care of me every time I volunteered at ELCA in any season.
She was just like a mom.
Eventhough I finished my master degree 5 years ago, I am still grateful for the opportunity that I had because of ELCA. Untill now, I still work as a librarian and will move forward to do a bigger and greater thing as librarian and teacher for anybody who are sent to me and to anybody who will find what I do give them benefit. I was given, that is why I give....
and to Sue, thank you for being you.

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